How I launched my Podcast with no idea and no spare time!

One of my goals from the time I pitched my first guest of the Abundant Parent Membership, Julia Bresner, was that each workshop would go public and become a podcast on their one year anniversary.

Little did I know how involved this small business of mine would become in a year! At that time, I had only a vision to become a Law of Attraction vlogger, a best selling author, a coach running workshops and a public speaker!! But I trusted my dreams, I let go and allowed the Universe to guide me and of course as a single mom and dividing my time between Iowa and Colorado, I also worked my arse off!

I have had a hefty dose of experiences that have showed me that letting go and trusting gets more done than controlling and forcing things to happen. Part of that has been realizing I can’t take on more. I need to let go, and rely on others!

The Universe Freaking Delivered!

I made one post, ONE post, asking for input about how to make a podcast. Meanwhile, I asked the Universe to drop someone in my lap who would just do this podcast thing for me. Out of the blue Daniel Dorman messaged me. And you know what!?! e took care of this podcast for me! I really had no idea how I was going to get it done. I had no knowledge of podcasts and no time. But I had faith! Not only did Daniel take care of it, he got it done quickly (Since I had poorly planned how much was needed to launch the podcast) , he managed me (what he needed from me on what days and lists of decisions I would need to make), he made it look professional and did everything correctly! What’s more… he spent an hour teaching me how to take over my own podcast and empowered me to publish it all on my own each month!!!

Dueling computers as Daniel teaches me to take over the post production on my podcast!  podcast production podcaster production suport
Dueling computers as Daniel teaches me to take over the post production on my podcast!

DANIEL!!!!! I would not have launched a podcast without your expertise and support!!! You. Are. Amazing!!!

The podcast is published! You can catch the links on my blog posts (which Daniel totally inserted for me since I couldn’t figure it out!)…/

You can also catch my companion podcast here, where I talk about consciously parenting your kids and their relationship with food!…/

production support for your videos, podcasts, music, etc
Production support for your videos, podcasts, music, etc.

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