One year ago Julia Bresner listened as I shared with her my dream of creating a space for parents to reconcile their past while connecting to their children and experts in their field to have space to share their gifts of mentorships and healing.  She supported me whole-heartedly as my first guest in the first step of my big old dream! 

As a holistic health nutritionist and functional medicine health coach,  Julia guides us through one of the most important pieces parenthood, keep our bodies high functioning and full of energy!   She discusses powerful snacking combinations to keep you at healthy weight and balanced blood sugar levels to keep you even keeled and capable of dealing with the demands of your kids.

Julia’s Favorite Go-To Snacks!

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Julia and I also had a great time discussing the power of essential oils in healing your gut health.

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Can get enough of our food chats? Catch Julia and I’s recorded Facebook Live as we discuss the mental health and gut health connection: 

About Leah:

Author of “Where the Light Is… A Parent’s Guide,” and best selling author Leah Recor is a mother of two young girls, driven by a holistic path to help parents heal their stories and connect with and empower their children.  Leah is also a Co-Founder of a nonprofit mentoring children facing life-altering conditions with creative writing. 

Leah is available for onsite presentations of The Abundant Parent to organizations and corporate entities.

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