Preorder “Where the Light Is” A Parent’s Guide to the Law of Attraction. 

As a parent, awakened consciousness is a gift for you to keep and give. Parenting today is no longer about making your child successful by the standards of social programming. With so much information at hand, we must trust our intuition to sort with what is true and what is not.  As a parent, this means developing your child’s intuition and awakening their consciousness. 

Raise a child firmly in their morals, sure of their truth and aware of their power to create their reality.  

Not only will you have a clear step by step understanding of the Law of Attraction, but with exercises for you and your children, you will have immediate activities to put into practice to guide your child to live purposefully with kindness and joy. 

This book is for mindful parents ready for the next step in guiding children to their full potential. 

Book available Fall 2019

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