Christina was my guest this time last year on the Abundant Parent Membership. Mom and mindfulness coach, Christina had a full arsenal of tools to support parents and kids in embracing mindfulness practices.  She generously spent two hours with me delivering fantastic tool after tool! While also spending time to share her own journey with shame and low confidence.

Mindfulness works! We are seeing it introduced to children in public schools, as well as playing a part in corporate wellness programs. The practices are simple the positive outcomes are undeniable.

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In the video below, catch these 3 relaxing exercises for kids that help mindful parents teach their kids how to breathe meditatively.

You can find this great book here:

There are HEAPS of great picture books for kids to help them use and understand the power in their breath!

My Magic Breath is another favorite of my kids! Ok… ok… It’s my favorite too!

Breathe Like a Bear: 30 Mindful Moments for Kids to Feel Calm and Focused Anytime, Anywhere has a great collection of multiple mindfulness ideas to keep the inspiration flowing!

In this next video: These 2 super-poses for kids and parents helps open up your body and create the mind-body connection between how we feel emotionally and our outward physical body.

Christina mentions Amy Cuddy’s Book, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges. when teaching us power poses!

Lastly, the easiest fix for cranky kids is as simple as creating and using a mindfulness jar. When your parenting patience has been used up you need tools to survive your child’s tantrums and meltdowns. Prepared in advance, mindfulness jars are easy to put together and when used with guidance, can create mindfulness in children by giving them a focus of attention. Catch that video below:

mindfulness jars, calming jars
Calming Bottles

Looking for an already made mindfulness jar?

Give this one a try:

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