I am so fed up with candy by the time the Christmas holiday arrives. Arm-wrestling my kids as they negotiate candy from Halloween well into Thanksgiving, doesn’t leave me with much patience for refined sugar. (I believe refined sugar is the root of so much illness but that opinion is best left for another post)

I take great pride in filling my children’s holidays with non-candy treats. There is still a more disposable element to some of the items, which concerns me from an environmental standpoint. But, I do pick and choose my struggles on this, and as always, I continue to practice the great Law of Attraction skill of letting go!

As my children grow older I can’t get away with stuffing their Easter baskets and holiday stockings with sidewalk chalk or bubbles. (I stretched that out as long as I could!) The small trinkets of interest to them have the potential to get expensive and sometimes I buy things months in advance of the holiday if the price and item is right.

So here are some of my finds for holiday stockings. These are for my daughters ages 6 and 9 years old!

I hope they inspire you as you plunge head on into the the couple weeks before Christmas.

1)I found this darling knit owl at the most fantastic shop in the Old Czech Village in Cedar Rapids. Create Exchange!! https://www.thecreateexchange.com/ (Made by Oodles of Owls!) Half the shop is handmade crafts and art, the other half is recycled findings and craft supplies for purchase. There are even some fantastic fine-art found object pieces!!

2)My kids never have enough art supplies! I love gifting them craft materials at their birthdays and holidays to restock their supply.

-Watercolor palette great for taking outdoors for plein air painting. I got this one on clearance at the Aaron Brothers near us that was closing. But you can get one here for about what I paid!

-Easy to transport colored pencil set with sharpener for road trips or long waits at appointments or lessons. I swear we never find a sharpened colored pencil we we need it! Solutions abound! I also got these on clearance but the set below is ergonomic and recycled!

-Cork stamps from a fabric painting kit. Divided them up between my kids’ 2 stockings.
This is exactly the set I got! I’m imagining these will be great to stamp air dry clay also.

Botanical Motif Cork Printing Blocks

3)My oldest daughter is reading for school on the regular and little sister is dabbling in reading. These magnetic bookmarks are great place-keepers and affirmations. This set has affirmations coordinated with chakras! That’s cool! 

These paper clips also make great bookmarks or they can use them for scrapbooking or holding photos and drawings. Yes, I got these on clearance too. Are you seeing a theme!?!  You can grab the same one’s here though.

4)It wouldn’t be a celebration without rocks!! I picked these up from Realive in Marion. https://www.realivemetaphysical.com/ I bought a raw emerald, hypersthene, and blue lace agate! Definitely better-priced at Realive (maybe they ship?) I buy my kids stones based off the struggles I see them having, and I research which stones can support them. However, if they are involved in the buying process I always let them choose. They always pick exactly what they need! If you are not able to buy them in person then you can grab them here:

This raw emerald is in pendant form!

Sublime Gifts 1pc Raw Emerald Rough Natural Free Form Crystal Healing Gemstone Pendant with Silver Metal Bail Loop

This hypersthene is a thumb stone, meaning it’s a little flattened and polished so you can rest or rub your thumb across it.

CrystalAge Hypersthene Thumb Stone

Blue Lace Agate, this one comes as the sweetest little necklace.

Gemstone Natural Blue Lace Agate Heart Charm Pendant Necklaces 18"

5)This little snowman gift tag came in a set but my kids will love them as a hanging decoration or even a bookmark. I couldn’t find anything just like it online, but these tags from a seller on Etsy are pretty darn cute!

6)Pompoms are always a hit, especially when keychain-sized and easily attached to a backpack. This one is faux fur… I was kinda surprised how many real fur ones I found online when searching for a link for you all. Not stoked! This one, however, IS faux fur! Phew!

JewelBeauty Imitated Rabbit Fur Ball Pom Pom Key Chain Faux Fur Keychain with Plush for Car Key Ring or Handbag Bag Decoration Pendant Purse Charm (Sky Blue)

7)Found these tiny unicorn necklaces for a steal on Amazon. The unicorn love runs deep in our home.

My Lady "Life is Magical Unicorn Necklace for Girls Rose Gold Plated Birthday Gifts Pendant Choker Necklace for Women Anniversary Birthday Gifts for Women Girls Teens

8)Lip balm. We have 1/2 used lip balm everywhere. I once had visions of grandeur, everyone having their own unique lip balm to keep germs at bay. I’ve come to accept that we are sharing them all…when we can find them. My kids LOVE the EOS stuff. 

eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm Sphere - Vanilla Mint | Long-lasting Moisture | 0.25 oz.

9)Beanie boos just never stop. Never stop being at eye-level in check out lines, never stop being loved by my kids, never stop being in their exact favorite animal at any given moment. I got these on clearance a few months ago, but if you are just-ready-to-get-these-darn-stockings-filled-already, here’s where you can grab this one:

TY Beanie Boos - Mini Boo Figure - ICY the White Seal (2 inch)

10)My youngest daughter NEEDED to have a pendulum in a bad way when we went to the Body, Mind, Soul expo in Denver a couple months ago. I encouraged her to ask Santa.
I got this one from a vendor at the Witches Ball in Denver. https://fortheseekers.com/shop.html However, I cruised around their online shop and didn’t see pendulums. Be sure to check out their page anyway! And if you need a pendulum top pop in your intuitive child’s stocking then you can check out the one below:

Natural Opalite Crystal Pendulum Gemstone Meditation Dowsing Reiki Psychic Tool Pendant (Opalite)

11)The same gentleman who had the pendulums also threw in some fortune teller fish when I told him they were for my kids. I was transported on my childhood time machine to my first experience with this tiny insignificant but magical fish-shaped piece of cellophane! How could I have forgotten these!?! I tried to find a link where you could buy one, but honestly I don’t think you need a minimum quantity of 144 fortune telling fish. If you want that many you can find that on Amazon! I also couldn’t encourage you to spend $6 for one. That being said, instead, here, I will link the science behind how the fortune telling fish works, since you know I’m all about the science behind woo-woo!

12)While my oldest daughter is savvy to Santa and really, the one keyed on finer details, I use origami or scrapbooking paper to wrap their stocking stuffers so as to not make the connection to our big rolls of wrapping paper. The set below is similar to what I use and it seems to be an endless supply!

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