For a long time, I didn’t trust life. And why should I have? It was happening to me in all the worst ways. This opinion that life was hard and full of pain left me depleted, always bracing myself for the next hit, and desperately clinging to every ounce of joy life was throwing my way. Even if I had to sacrifice my self-respect, my consciousness and my purpose to have that “joy.” 

Then I hit the lowest point of my life.

My false senses of security slowly striped away one by one. But I still had my never faltering bond with my kids. The only thing that endured. The only thing that was true. 

Their belief and trust in me and their defense of me…. it woke me up. I knew that if they were to become everything they had the potential to , then I first would need to model that belief in my own potential. And, the first step in investing your time and courage into yourself is trusting that the Universe will work it all out. Trusting that with good intention, inspired action and a commitment, the Universe moves mountains, bridges and forests to guide you towards your dreams. 

Is it always easy? No. Do I always believe? No. 

But I always find my way back to ease and trust. And the more I practice releasing control of the unknown and embracing the formulaic equations of the Laws of Attraction…. the more things work out for me. 

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3 Ways I Manage My Mind to Trust the Universe

3 Ways I Manage My Mind to Trust the Universe


Tell yourself each day, I can’t wait to see how the Universe works things out for me. I love these two decks for no nonsense affirming when you don’t have the time to browse affirmations online or write your own.

The Universe Has Your Back deck by Gabby Bernstein has simple statements that are easy to resonate with.

I bought this deck (by Suzi Barrett and Naomi Sloman) for a special fella in my life and I just love the real life affirmative statements! My favorite card: “Don’t Take It Personally: If someone starts to speak unkindly to me, I’ll remember that they’ve got something going on that has nothing to do with me. Like maybe they just pooped their pants. Yes, that’s probably it.”

2. Don’t Be A Control Gremlin

Remind myself how much control I actually have. The Chopra Center actually has a blog post about releasing control and trusting the Universe! You can read that here:

I also highly recommend reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and the Secret both of which I read during my earliest experiences with realizing a shifted perspective and trusting the Universe more! Great starter books if self-love and the Law of Attraction are new journeys for you.

I first read the Four Agreements when I was in college! It was my very first experience with a “self-help” book! It made such an impact that I have bought and given it away dozens of times!

I read the Secret while I was on my journey with infertility. I loved the concept and dabbled in the ideas revolving around positive thinking but didn’t fully embrace the energetic understanding of the Law of Attraction until after 2010!

3.Mental Health Tools

I simply can’t emphasize enough the importance of daily mental health tools. Meditation and practices to train your brain towards peaceful and positive thinking is so powerful. EFT tapping is so effective at washing and relaxing the neurological system I became certified in it to support myself, my kids and my clients! It works for 97% of people. Hit me up with an email if you’d like to try a session.

And good gut health!!! This is everything! Also known as your second brain, the connection between your gut health and mental health is scientifically proven to not only reduce the swings in mental health struggles but also support your full body in reducing inflammation.

If you do nothing else to support and heal your gut do these two things:

Add probiotics and whole food vitamins to your daily routine. I love the Garden of Life products (and aside from the Amazon affiliate links here, I’m actually not paid to say that!) They do a great job of trying to make sure they ingredients are raw and whole whenever they can. I took their prenatal vitamin when I was pregnant with my second daughter when New Chapter was bought out and their product quality was downgraded.

Add grass fed gelatin to your kitchen arsenal! I know collagen is all the rage right now! And gelatin contains collagen. Gelatin helps seal damage to the lining of your gut due to inflammation, poor diet and poor gut-heath practices. I put a little gelatin in my coffee everyday and make gummies for my kids!

I’ve been using this Great Lakes brand for YEARS. It is high quality and dedicated to testing their ingredients before they use them! (Yes, they have collagen too!) Why grassfed? I won’t get into the details! You can catch this blog on it though. But I will tell you that grass fed meat has more carotenoids, antioxidants, CLA and omega 3’s.

If you want a little more gelatin for your buck you can give this brand a try… it’s also grassfed!

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