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The Law of Attraction works best when you feel good and have good feeling thoughts.  It’s always easier to feel good when your body is healthy and happy. This is one of many reasons why I believe in self-care both physically and emotionally.

As many of you who follow me on social media know,  I struggle with “needing” coffee and using it as a crutch to keep me energized all day instead of just a morning pick me up. I actually didn’t drink coffee for a decade but diving headfirst into divorce left me a bonafide caffeine-a-holic.

Now I find, coffee is kindest to me as an afternoon pick-me-up and I try to drink other beverages earlier in the day.  My adrenals are sensitive (or maybe just damaged) and so starting my day off with gentler ingredients that offer antioxidants has really been working for me.

With this approach, I am able to better focus on my kids at night after a long day.  I can help with homework, read stories and play games without wishing I were actually sleeping. (ok, maybe I still long for some naps, but it’s better!)

I have tried numerous substitutes for my coffee habit.  Some without caffeine and some with just a little bit.  Here are are my favorites:

Cup of SunShine– This herbal tea is not roasty like coffee, but still delicious with some honey and cream. It gives me a little bit of lift to clear out the overnight mental cobwebs without driving my adrenals all the way to full tilt before the day really starts.

*Please Note: This item is 6 boxes of tea if you order from my link. 

Teeccino French Roast– Also caffeine-free, I love this drink when I’m really craving that roasted flavor. Yup, I even sometimes make it bulletproof.

Yerba Mate– It’s like the super hero of teas.  It does have a significant level of caffeine, but the density of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids supports your body for a lift that won’t leave you feeling down in the dumps when the caffeine fades. And yup, I drink this one with honey and cream too.

Green Tea– Also jammed packed with antioxidants, green tea does have some caffeine, but gently supports your desired awakened state. It also supports brain health which can only help us in our parenting adventure.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee– Mushrooms also support mental health in reducing anxiety while supporting your physical health. Like Yerba Mate, you get the lift of the coffee and the longer lasting support of the antioxidants.

*Please Note: This item is 3  boxes of coffee if you order from my link. 

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