I had a client reach out asking for the tools I use to deal with anxiety and encourage relaxation. Over the years I have come to rely on many tools both at home and from outside providers.  Some are good for regular maintenance others are good in a high anxiety moment.  Tuning in, listening to the signals your body is giving you, and catching the anxiety early on the the best way to fend off further bad feelings.  However, many of these tools will work even in the high emotional state of anxiety. As always, these are tools for support, but seek the advice of your doctor as well.

Any combination of what I list below will help!

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Here’s my go-to’s:

1) Have a Cuppa

I drink Traditional Medicinals Cup of Calm tea. It works like a charm!  This tea is fantastic to calm nerves or even to soothe a busy mind before bedtime. I enjoyed it as ice tea all summer but do love it warm with honey also.

2) Stone Cold Healing

I was schooled about Lepidolite when I visited a local rock shop (Herbs & Arts on Colfax in Denver). It vibrates in my hand when I’m stressed and doesn’t when I’m calm… cool, right!?! It helps with emotional healing and balance. The stone available for purchase below is shaped like a worry stone. Appropriate for a stone great for anxiety, don’t you think?

3) Tapping is Magical

I’m convinced. I can go from stressed to singing in a 5 minute YouTube session. I like Jennifer Partridge videos quite a bit.

4) Meditation Works

I know the hardest thing is to start your practice. It seems like such a luxury when you are a parent. But you must start! Check out my “Meditate in 1 Minute”  video on Youtube.  It’s a really easy way to start fitting mediation and breathing into your day. It can nip anxious feelings in the bud!

5) Get Outside

Get outside, even for 5 minutes….. and breathe. Observe something beautiful. Take a moment to be grateful. Even better, trying to hike/walk for 30 minutes or just play outside with your kids. If you struggle getting outside in the winter, “I Love Dirt!” gives some great winter activities.

6) Limit Caffeine

I know… I’m the worst. I LOVE Mate Factor Yerbe Mate that is dark roast as a light caffeine coffee substitute. It’s also crazy high in antioxidants. It gives me a light lift without causing the coffee crash later.

7) Get Your Smudge On

I sage (clears negative energy), I burn palo santo (restores positive energy), I use salt lamps (I like this one) and I diffuse oils (I had an essential oil expert on my workshops). I love this smudge kit below! My kids love using the abalone shell for the smudge sticks.  My youngest is a big fan (Get it? Fan!?) of using the feather to move the energy and the smoke to clear.  Sage clears out all the energy and Palo Santo bring the good energy back in.

8) Let a Professional Handle It!

I have an amazing energy worker in my back pocket. She has worked miracles in healing past trauma and blocks. She can turn our moods from frowns to smiles over the course of 30 minutes. And her work lasts. Send me an email for her info.  Energy workers who can move energy and use Reiki, amongst other methods, are extraordinarily helpful!

9) Get Inspired

I listen to and read motivational messages constantly and I unfollow negative pages and people on social media. Follow Gabby Berstein (who is actually expecting her first baby!) listen to Lewis Howes School of Greatness Podcast if you are into LOA I can’t get enough of Abraham Hicks

10) Affirm, Affirm, Affirm!

Affirm yourself like nobody’s business. Print quotes off of Pinterest and give me a follow while you are there! Tape them to your bathroom mirror. Make eye contact with yourself as you affirm yourself in the mirror. You won’t believe your affirmations at first but it comes with practice

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