Abraham-Hicks once addressed a crowd and asked “How good are you willing to allow your life to be?”

This time of year we may be looking to feel good by what we open up on the family holiday, or hope to make others feel good by what we’ve bought for them, but the good feelings from material possessions is fleeting and because it doesn’t come from inner truth and is a satisfaction that comes from outside ourself.  This means we will constantly seek satisfaction from others and ideas outside ourself, and never quite feel fulfilled.

But when you do the work to seek satisfaction from within, then you need only ask yourself, “How good are you willing to allow your life to be?” We always hear phrases like “get out of your own way” and “mind over matter.”  But how often do we stop to consciously consider the effect we have on our own mind and life.

It is truly about allowing your life to be good.  Sometimes that means there is some work and practice to be done before the allowing part comes with ease.  The practice of expecting good things life begins with small daily practices.  They don’t have to take long, and they don’t have to be complicated.  But you do need to show up, everyday.

How do I practice having a good life? The same way I teach my kids to expect to have a good life.

1)I practice gratitude.  Sometimes this mean telling the people in my life I love and appreciate them, other times it is finding small pieces of my daily life in which I find beauty or delight.

2)I visualize the life I want and practice the feelings I will have when that life is in my current reality. (or I switch to that reality)

3)I set my intentions everyday, usually at bedtime.  I used to write in a journal without guidance, but I recently purchased @theIAmJournal and have just starting practicing manifestation with its guidance.

4)I step out on my path.  I say yes a lot to new opportunities, people and experiences.

5)I do everything with goodwill and love. EVERYTHING. ok… almost everything… but A LOT of things!

Do you expect to have a good life? More importantly, are you willing to allow your life to be good?

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