Lauren was my guest this time last year on the Abundant Parent Membership. Mom and creator of the I Am Journal, Lauren shared with us how to find time in your busy parenting day for that ultimate self-care habit of manifesting your desires. 

Whether you are manifesting a family culture of contentment, or physical experiences and objects, dedicated time to the practice of manifesting is a must.  Lauren created an incredible tool to help us stay accountable to ourselves when she created the I Am Journal.  And the proof is in the outcomes.  


Lauren invites viewers to receive her Morning Mantra emails in their inbox! It’s been so popular that she created e a sign up link for people who wanted to invite their friends to join the list!

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Catch this quick guide for manifesting here:

Leah Recor, Creator of the Abundant Parent

Author of “Where the Light Is… A Parent’s Guide,” and best selling author Leah Recor is a mother of two young girls, driven by a holistic path to help parents heal their stories and connect with and empower their children.  Leah is also a Co-Founder of a nonprofit mentoring children facing life-altering conditions with creative writing. 

She is available for onsite presentations of The Abundant Parent to organizations and corporate entities.  

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